The Best Storage Bins for Every Room

Oct. 27, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to organize any room — whether it’s your bathroom or bedroom or home office — you’ve probably realized that you need to buy some kind of container to hold your stuff. But it can be tricky to know what type of storage bin is best for which purpose. So to save you from buying things that won’t actually help you achieve the organized home of your Kondo-inspired dreams, I spoke with four professional organizers about their favorite storage bins for every room and purpose, including toy storage bins, clothing and shoe storage bins, and underbed storage bins.

And though every room and organizing project is different, these baskets, bins, and boxes are the storage options that these organizing professionals reach for the most when tackling any client’s space (and, in one case, even their own).

One of my all-around go-to lines of bins for smaller items that are going to go on a cabinet shelf are actually called. They’re made. They’re really beautiful, clear plastic bins. Most of them have handles integrated into them. I love them because they’re clear, so it’s easy for people to see what’s inside. You don’t even have to label them, much as I love labeling. What I love about them also is that you can sort of turn a shelf into a drawer. It’s always hard to get to small things in the back of a shelf, which is why you want to contain them. So if you put all of your spices or all of your beauty products or small office supplies in one of these bins, you can pull the whole bin out and see exactly what your stash is.

One of my other favorite containers, is called the basket. It’s more of a caddy. It has a handle, and it doesn’t have a top, but they do stack if you don’t fill them above the edge. It’s great for things that you need to move around from place to place, like for craft supplies, for makeup, for office supplies. They’ve got square holes in them, so you can see what’s inside, but they also have a solid, plastic bottom.

These Nordic baskets have a top that sort of slides off. You just lift it off. You don’t have to get your finger under it to pry it off, which is why I like that one. Let’s say, for example, I was using it in a kitchen. Many people have several varieties of hot tea. I could do a bin for hot tea. If I were using it in a playroom, could go inside of one. Figurines could go in one. They could be used for a lot of things.