Best storage boxes and baskets

Oct. 28, 2019

Even the cleanest and most organized houses can get overwhelmed by clutter every now and again. Whether it’s your kids’ toys, out-of-season clothing, or stacks of books and magazines, every home seems to have a few items laying around that are in need of a proper place. Thankfully storage cubes are the easiest way to keep your home mess-free.

Along with organizing your belongings and hiding your clutter, storage cubes can also completely transform the look and feel of your house. The key is to find options that are both spacious enough to hold all your items and stylish enough to elevate the look of any room. The best part? These handy organizational products are totally versatile too. You can place them individually throughout the room or house them all inside a storage cube organizer for a sleek cohesive look.

A variety of storage boxes, trunks and baskets help you get organised with ease. Look for something lidded and watertight for items you want to store for long periods, keeping damp, moths and dust at bay. Use something more stylish and accessible for toys, magazines, hobby items and the things you need to keep at hand every day. 

Felt makes a great storage material as it’s relatively lightweight yet strong. Thicker felts hold their shape better than the type used on this basket, but it’s good for adding a softer texture to a room than seagrass, wicker or rope. The ash handles feel good to touch, and the tapering top is more protective of the contents than completely open baskets.   

This 100 per cent seagrass basket is beautifully flecked with yellow, is lightweight, and has two handles for easy carrying. It’s collapsible, but the natural material takes a while to regain its shape after being flattened. This basket isn’t suited to carrying anything excessively heavy.